Writing 101 DAY 14 – To Whom It May Concern – Heaven

Dearest Heaven

I opened one of my books today, and there you stood, with only 2 other words on the page,  ‘Heaven’.

The moment I read your name I felt your presence. Such joy. I thank you for the reminder – that you are always there, as much within me as outside of me, all ways and at all times. You are so much more than a place to aspire to, at an unknown time my mind calls ‘future’. How easy it is for me to still forget this. You are so accepting, so unconditionally loving despite the absentmindedness I had slipped into.

So now, I shall experience your presence, remembering again you are a part of me and together we shall fully indulge in the joy of just being.

With so much love and appreciation.


PS the other 2 words that followed you were ‘Rushing In’ and you certainly did!


8 thoughts on “Writing 101 DAY 14 – To Whom It May Concern – Heaven”

  1. This was lovely. For myself, I picture heaven as not a destination but more so a state of being akin to nirvana.
    Well done !


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