Sunset Moments – Friday Fictioneers 27 October 2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Butolt

Sunset Moments

There’s something about a sunset… stops me in my tracks… dumbstruck.

Feeling my body torn… do what I think I should be doing… or stop?

Indulge this awesome moment!?…

“There’s never been a sunset like this one!”

Where’s the camera?… quick!

Pondering my actions…

Some say ‘You should just drink it in… if photographing it, you’re not ‘being here now’.

“Hmmm ?…………………”

Yes, maybe that’s their experience…. but not mine.

Using my camera keeps part of my mind busy, freeing me to be fully present in the moment.

Indulgently clicking away …

I’m going to really enjoy reliving this later!…

“…mmmmmmmmmmmmm ………..”

Friday Fictioneers



I awoke again this morning
With the scent of Autumn in the air.
It invigorated my spirit
End of summer’s almost there.

I can feel a building of excitement
As the season’s change again
The urge to gather nuts and stores
Ready for the onslaught
Of winters wind and rain.

I usually feel a sadness
When Summer’s almost done
But I’ve had my fill of sunshine
So now  Autumn…  bring it on!


Day 6: The space to write

I like to write in solitude
A space that’s just for me
A space of personal heaven
A space where thoughts run free.

Though sometimes contemplation
Requires mere dictation
So mobile phone
And me alone
Express those thoughts in motion.

But choice for me
Is cup of tea
And silence
In any room
That’s anywhere
That’s just my habitude.

Writing 101 Day 1 – Why do I write?

I pondered the question for a while as I couldn’t immediately connect with an answer. All the while having thoughts that I have a vague idea that I must have written about this in the past, but am still no wiser, really, as to why I write.

So I went in search, to find out if I had broached the subject before and was curious to know, if I had, how had I perceived the question then?

I did find it!

Now that’s interesting. That is who I was then.

Since then, I have completed, actually completed a full course. No missed days! With poetry, which I hasten to add I simply loved (apart from the moments I wondered why I was striving so much to have a go at some definition of verse I had never heard of let alone try to emulate!) and hadn’t really written anything of that ilk for many years.

So, why do I write? I enjoy it, thoroughly enjoy it, when I finally make the decision to be present in this moment and just do it.
I suppose it is a way of just being in the moment. I am nowhere else. I am here, now and I have no desire to be anywhere else. My focus is no longer scattered about the place or rattling about in my over analytical mind. It just very easily settles in a happy groove and there it is content to stay, at least for a wee while.

I have noticed that over time and practice, it is becoming easier to slide into that groove. In the beginning I seemed only happy to be in it for a short period of time, how long I have no idea in quantifiable time. But sitting here now, writing this I am now noticing that that length of time I am happy to flow in the groove has become more elongated and consequently I have written some longer pieces.

Ultimately, if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it and it is becoming a fun journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self appreciation.
And I am loving it!

Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

There is so much in life to treasure but ultimately for me are my son and a sense of deep inner contentment, something that eluded me for a sizeable chunk of my life. Thankfully those moments have been increasing in frequency and duration over a number of years and I treasure every one of them.