Wanderlust – Joy of Freedom



Day 4: Seconds

TIME? What’s That?

Sometimes it takes me hours
To get from A to B
And yet, it always baffles me how
Sometimes its only minutes
To get from A to Z
With destinations miles apart
The sums they don’t add up
I travelled slower
Got there quicker
With minimal effort
But it’s happened more than once now
That I have to contemplate
A fresh perspective on
My view of time and space.

Day 6: The space to write

I like to write in solitude
A space that’s just for me
A space of personal heaven
A space where thoughts run free.

Though sometimes contemplation
Requires mere dictation
So mobile phone
And me alone
Express those thoughts in motion.

But choice for me
Is cup of tea
And silence
In any room
That’s anywhere
That’s just my habitude.

Day 6: The space to write

I need and desire a quiet space to write.
A room empty of people.
A room that is tidy, without clutter.
I can be easily distracted!
A room that oozes stillness and tranquillity.
With plenty of natural light.
Just me, some simple furnishings, a small table and a laptop.
And preferably with a view that is of nature and goes on forever.

Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

I love company, but equally I relish solitude. A space that I share with space itself.

I am most at home in nature but I always gravitate toward the sea.

Every beach has its own voice, its own song and I relish investigating a new beach or the same beach on a different day, wondering just how I am going to experience it and what I am going to hear that day.