Day 4: Let social media inspire you

Isn’t that the same with almost everything in life. “Everyone appears to have it easier than me!”

Of course they do!

From the onlookers perspective!

But the onlooker has a huge amount of information missing.

In that moment we make a judgement it is almost like taking a snapshot. A moment frozen in time. And in that moment we decide, based purely on what we see,hear, feel, sense and coloured by our own life experiences, we make a grand conclusion about the other person’s experience of life!

Who am I kidding!

What about the other images, snapshots of all the other moments in their life. How many PBs of space would you need to capture adequate information about someone else’s life.

And how could you ever feel what they felt, interpret every aspect of how they experienced it to be able to accurately conclude that they had it ‘easier than me’.   And …..

…there’s a whole sensory experience missing …..the emotions.

When we observe others we are generally emotionally detached or far less involved than we are when we are judging ourselves.

Dream on, stop justifying being not present with yourself.

Your attention has become split, only part of it is on you and part of it is on them.
When we honour ourselves, it matters not a jot about how other people experience their lives.

Which frees us up to enjoy our own.

Fun interesting fact: 1 PB = 1000000000000000B = 1015bytes = 1000terabytes. (I didn’t know that until I wrote this!)