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Now, that was a heavy challenge!

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Writing 101 DAY 16 – A Character Building Exercise – The Friend I Met I’ve Yet to Meet

The most interesting person I have met in the last year, I haven’t actually met in person. We both joined the same course where the classes were carried out over the telephone. As soon as he made his introduction, I felt a warmth of joy ooze from his character.

As we practiced the work in class, I was able to build on this first impression. I sensed a kinship with him; some part of me felt I already knew him. As I watched, that is, watched with my inner eye (I have always watched with my inner eye), I noticed that around that expression of inner joy that felt its way toward me, there was a mild stiltedness, as if he was needing on some level to accentuate that expression of joy.

With my inner eye I saw him as medium height and build, a jolly, cheerful looking person with light coloured hair. There was a sense of ‘performer’ about him, in a good way. Someone who desired everyone to be happy and was prepared to put in some effort, if at first his presence did not bring this about.

We decided to practice together between classes and my picture of him continued to build. Some days he would appear slimmer and taller, the lightness of the hair was heading toward white, not blonde as I had first envisioned and he even appeared a little older. On occasion he wore large glasses and sat a little awkwardly. His personality oozed compassion and acceptance of almost everyone. He inspired me to reach deeper into myself to appreciate me the way he appreciated me. He didn’t know me, but I knew he knew me. As we talked I could hear in the tone of his voice, the nurturing person within. It flowed so naturally as it permeated my whole being into a state of loving self-acceptance. This wasn’t contrived, this is who he is. There was a deep stillness about him.

As we practiced and our chatting became more open, I came to notice the nuances of his personality traits as they shifted. One minute the voice would lose its soft timbre, replaced with a tone that was slightly flatter, a sound that didn’t travel as far, as if it lacked the endless gentle power it usually had. This I discovered was when he was lost in the mind of thoughtful analysis, it stilted his natural flow.

Right from the beginning, we had been comfortable in each other’s company. And as we came to know each other on a deeper level, we discussed the values of not being able to see each other. We both felt that seeing a person, even via a webcam could detract from really getting to know someone. Bombarding the mind with lots of additional information for us, would have been a distraction from who we really were.

From the information about himself that he has offered me, my vision of him is pretty close to what I have seen with my inner eye and my perception of his personality traits I am told, are very accurate. Likewise his perception of me is also pretty close to who I am.

It will be interesting to quite literally see what will happen and how things will change when we decide to bring in the visual dimension. Some part of both of us is reluctant to do that just now. We both know, that despite our deep connection, it will change how we experience each other. But in the interests of our own personal growth and expansion we also know, that one day we will choose to take the plunge.

One day we will meet. Hopefully, if our friendship is to continue, we will just be adding to the increasing beauty and joy of what we currently experience.