Growth – Expansion of Space

The creating of more space in my still somewhat analytical mind or better still, the allowing of the expansion of space.
When I look at this image I can feel the spaciousness and the expanding.



Two Friends A-Musing – Friday Fictioneers 22 December 2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg


Two Friends A-Musing…

“Do you believe in parallel universes?”

“I don’t discount anything; just because I’m not aware of it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there.”

“Hell, that’s a concept I can’t get my head around. What planet you on?”

“Same as you, I think,” she laughed.

“If everything we focus on becomes manifest in our universe, eventually, as we have a time buffer…” she mused.

“…imagine a parallel universe where the manifestation was instant.”

“Every time I said ‘hat’s off to them’ …”

“I’d have a pile of hats big enough to set up shop,” she giggled.

“But shops would be obsolete.”

Friday Fictioneers

Tuesdays of Texture – What do you see?

I saw the beautiful clump of crocuses in the grass.
I was captivated by their presence.
In awe of nature’s beauty.
Their vibrant colours and fascinating markings.
The intricate stamens, loaded with pollen.
I had to get down to their level and take a sniff!

What I hadn’t noticed – until I uploaded the image for my contribution to Narami’s Tuesday’s of Texture  (de monte y mar) – was the piece of rubbish blatantly wedged in the grass!

Just goes to show – we truly do see what we want to see!

Tuesdays of Texture – My Friend and Ally

No matter how bad life gets, and sometimes it gets really tough, I can honestly say that no thing or person has ever been able to lift me back to balance quite like my dearest and most cherished friend and allynature.

This week’s contribution to Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture (de monte y mar).

Optimistic – Eyes to the Sky



Ignoring the barbs of the present
Eyes to the sky and see
Warmer days
And clement ways
I’m drawing them to me.



We don’t realise how optimistic we all really are!
We’re still here aren’t we?!

Day 6: Fallacy

The Accepted Fallacy

It’s all lies
You know
What they tell us.
It’s all lies
You may know
What we tell ourselves.
Trained by society
To perform.
Trained by the self
To fit in.
Who am I?
The mind is still searching!
Who I am?
My inner me knows….
…Sits back and watches in silence
Til I’m ready to change my own rules.

Day 4: Seconds

TIME? What’s That?

Sometimes it takes me hours
To get from A to B
And yet, it always baffles me how
Sometimes its only minutes
To get from A to Z
With destinations miles apart
The sums they don’t add up
I travelled slower
Got there quicker
With minimal effort
But it’s happened more than once now
That I have to contemplate
A fresh perspective on
My view of time and space.