Beloved – Joy of Contrast…

… without it I would be unable to define my world.


The Visit – Friday Fictioneers 26 January 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

The Visit

The college’s field study group was ready and eager for their monthly mission. This time they were headed for the hills and a village on the brink of desolation but for the few inhabitants whose hapless enthusiasm for restoration had earned them the label Kooks Gang.

“Hey, that looks so weird. The building looks old and dead and that car looks so out of place, new and fresh.”

“Yea, this really is a creepy place.”

“Ok team, listen up! For this month’s project, we’re here to study contrast, in this case,  the contrasting effects of the old and the new.”

Friday Fictioneers

Favorites – Memory Trigger

Watching the changing hues of a highland sky from the discomfort of a pile of rubble on my friend’s croft, I became aware of the broken pipe in my peripheral vision. Mesmerised by contrast, as ever, I drank in the moment. So poignant and meaningful. Just glancing at this image takes me right back to the moment – the smells, the sounds, the feeling of the air, not to mention the midges!

2017 Favorites



Cheeky – Missing Loaf

A lovely tasty loaf but in this one there was a quite a bit missing! These things happen every now and then, a reflection perhaps, that live is always demonstrating its wonderful contrast. No disrespect to the company, this is excellent bread and it hasn’t happened since.



Sand – Meditation On

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sand


Earth – The Art of Contrast

The Art of Contrast
What may look bleak to some
Can ooze beauty to others
The Joy is in the Choosing



Tuesdays of Texture – Basket!

This week’s contribution to Narami’s Tuesday’s of Texture  (de monte y mar).