Oh’ Soil – World Soil Day

1 December 2021

Oh' Soil

Oh’ Soil

Dec 5 is World Soil Day. These impassioned verses on soil give you a glimpse of Sadhguru’s deep connection with life.

” Our body is essentially soil and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our body and our life.” Sadhguru

Oh’ Soil

The fragrance of the Soil
Somehow is more tenderness
to Me than the fancy
fragrance of the Flower.

The strength and sensitivity 
of life held in the Soil lets
off waves of passion of a 
difference sort. Passion not
of a person but of my
species that has gone insensitive 
to all that nurtures it
and absorbs it at its end.

As I walk barefoot, I break down
with Passions so profound
that it defies all descriptions.

Oh’ Soil, My life



Day 6: Connect & Tags – The Art of Pylonics

Connect – to link, to join, unite, I thought about these and more.

We connect visibly and invisibly.

Sometimes we are aware of it.

Sometimes we are totally unconnected to the realisation that we cannot not be connected.

For if there is no connection, there is no flow.

If there is no flow, there is no movement.

If there is no movement, there is no expansion.

If there is no expansion, there is no thing.