Just Bee – Celebrating World Bee Day 2019

Everything is Connected

Everything that is without
Is a reflection of
Everything that is within.
When we disrespect our World
We see reflected back to us
Our disrespect of Ourselves.

We can begin to undo
What has been done
And there is never a better time to begin
than NOW.


Connected – C’est La Vie

Enforced connection.
This rogue seed must have floated into the house.
The parcel tape left lying open, ready to ensnare.
What were the odds of it becoming stuck to it?!
A sight to behold, I just had to ‘snap’ it.
Its delicate connection to the tape, barely visible.
Suspended in the air around it.
Just like life.
Whether we like it or not.
Just as it is.
C’est la vie.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

Interesting Fact: Up until the 1800s people would pull grass out of their lawns to make room for dandelions and other useful “weeds” like chickweed, malva, and chamomile. (fact from http://mydandelionisaflower.org/did-you-know/). Just think we could actually be eating our lawns instead of pouring chemicals on it and hours cutting it!