Ooh, shiny! – ‘Ooh, Ohh, wow!

Anvil cloud or space ship?

My ‘Ooh Shiny’ is probably an ‘ Ooh, Ooh, wow, look at that!’

Then …

‘Where’s my camera?’


‘Got to get this one!’


Drink it in.

Indulge in the moment.

Wonder at the amazement of it all.

Take a few more shots.

And, knowing I will never see it again that way,

Hope I have at least captured some of the essence of that moment.

Ooh, Shiny!


Tuesdays of Texture – Watercolour Sky

Looked out of the window and saw this amazing sky, like someone had been let loose with a pallet of watercolours. Similar to the aurora borealis but this was westward.

Only had my mobile at the time and this image does not do it justice, it was spectacular.

Believe these clouds are called ‘nacreous’. They look like the inside of a mother-of-pearl shell.


This week’s contribution to Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture (de monte y mar).