Eye Spy – Bridge of Eyes

                                        An Eye from a Bridge of Eyes

Eye Spy


Tuesdays of Texture – Sandy Memories

A moment in time
Captured in sand
Soon gone forever
As sea covers land.

Enjoying it now
As it won’t return
Redundant nostalgia
No reason to yearn.

This week’s contribution to Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture (de monte y mar).

Textures of Burnt Wood

The remains of the bonfire I had a few days ago has left a paradise of textures.

This old chunk of wood didn’t burn through but left a wonderfully craggy piece of art.

I can see a gnarled face in there, but then I see faces in almost everything!

Today’s contribution to Tuesdays of Texture (de monte y mar).

Photo101 Day Three: Water & Orientation

I think this works really well in landscape as it accentuates the expanse of the beach which is Crosby, near Liverpool in England.

There are 100 of the life size figures dotted about the beach and out into the sea. Each sculpture was made of cast iron by the British sculptor Sir Anthony Gormley. He called it ‘Another Place’.

It is really striking at the end of the day the way the light falls on the water and the images look very real. I love the living couple walking amongst them. It wasn’t planned, but I really like the contrast.