The Quest – Friday Fictioneers 27 April 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

The Quest

It’s crazy the things you have to do today. Our weather patterns are changing; it’s
either erratic or miserable, not very good for the morale.

Well, today is different. We’ve decided to tackle it head on and head for the hills.

With a long hike ahead needs must, if we get an early enough start we should be able
to thoroughly enjoy our destination by early afternoon.

”At last! Finally, we’re above the cloud! Sunshine!”

“Beautiful, warm, nurturing Sunshine!”

“Oh I so feel like I‘m in Heaven!”

“Such a good idea of yours.”

“Hmmm? Maybe not every weekend though!”

Friday Fictioneers


Old Habits Die Hard – Friday Fictioneers 20 April 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Old Habits Die Hard

“See that, Brierly, that’s where you’re at. Chained, trapped in the illusion of powerlessness.
So much so you think everything and everyone around you needs to change in order for you to feel safe and happy.
Well, I’ve some good news for you.
You were sold that reality by your forefathers, who were well intentioned but equally fearful.
All they had to do was take their attention from outside of themselves, to within themselves and they would’ve come to realise, that is where their power lies… within.
Try it son, what have you got to lose?!”

Friday Fictioneers

The Last Hope – Friday Fictioneers 15 April 2018
PHOTO PROMPT © Yarnspinnerr

The Last Hope

“This must be it.”
“Can’t be… the place is crawling!”
“Well, we’ve hobbled back and forth… it’s the only place matching the description.”
“God! Why did we ever come here?”
“An act of pure stupidity!”
“Desperation more like!”
“What choice did we have?”
Finding a doorway we cautiously entered the dilapidated building.
The smell of incense greeted us.
A glow emanated from a side room and a feeling of optimism coursed through me.
As we edged inside… he met our gaze… warmth and love poured from his eyes.
My friend turned to me…
“Worth the journey?”
“Yes,” I beamed.

Friday Fictioneers

The Mysteries of Art – Friday Fictioneers 6 April 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The Mysteries of Art

Leaning lazily against the open door frame Liza took a strong deep drag on her cigarette… paused… looked up… and slowly, breathed out the smoke as she gazed quizzically upward toward her work of art.

What planet was I on?!

Where did that idea come from?

My memory’s a blank.

Don’t remember smoking anything unusual?

You hear stories about people being whisked away on space ships, though I’m somewhat sceptical.

But then I suppose, we’re all only limited by our beliefs.

She took another deep long draw…

Dazzling bright light engulfed her.

The sculpture crashed to the ground.

That shouldn’t’ve happened!”

Friday Fictioneers

Lent Fiesta – Friday Fictioneers 30 March 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

Lent Fiesta

We sat around the table
there were 6 of us.
Indulging in some moments
some already
due to wine
were now, somewhat nonplus.
We sat and laughed
and joked and shared
our memories of the past.
All the time our unawares
of life beyond our
culminating fast.
As time evolved and
talk moved to food
Lent’s end was now in sight.
Our rumbling tums now audible
and saliva fired for our first bite.
We lifted baskets crammed
with culinary delights.
Unhooked the lids
then shrieked in horror
the food in side
had come alive
with ants
attendant to devour!

Friday Fictioneers

Lights, Camera… – Friday Fictioneers 16 March 2018


Lights, Camera…

Stomping my feet, doing a jig and waving my arms about like a raging lunatic, I finally gave up.

The night was so black I’d winded myself locating my car earlier than I’d anticipated, the only light a dazzling glow from the camera’s ever-ready presence comforting me in my frozen stupor.

Diving back into the car I started the engine. There was no way I’d even be able to operate the shutter and time was running out.

My phone beeped. An email!

“Aargh… better check it!”

‘Log in for updates on the Boson’s Meteor’

“No! Damn! Damn!”

“It’s tomorrow night!”

Friday Fictioneers

Delusions of History – Friday Fictioneers – 10 March 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Delusions of History

The launch chugged into view, moored alongside and slowly despatched its cargo.

The sociology bunch shuffled uneasily into the foyer, the warm day suddenly turning ice cold.

“We’ll start in the West Wing,” the guide announced, handing out maps and historical information.

“God, it’s horrendous what they did to people in these padded rooms.”

“Yes… but it’s even more horrendous that they now do it in broad daylight, in a different way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen the numbers of dejected people huddled in city doorways.”

“Well… I…”

“Exactly! No less sanctimonious than our forebears!”

Friday Fictioneers

The Art of Boxing – Friday Fictioneers 2 March 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The Art of Boxing

“I’ll box your ears sure as look at you Brandon Harley! You wait and see!” hollered Bobby as he strode purposefully in the direction of Bing’s Boxing Academy.

“Hello and welcome.”

“Anyone wishing to share their reasons for Bing here?”

Bobby perked up,“ I want to be able to box the ears of an ‘*******!’”

“Ah, well, we’re certainly going to learn the art of boxing but, more importantly we are going to learn the art of not needing to use it in the first place.”

Bobby’s face was a picture, a concoction of dumbfoundedness and rage.

“Sir? “he whimpered.

Friday Fictioneers

The Dead Rose Dilemma – Friday Fictioneers 23 February 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

The Dead Rose Dilemma

Another week, another image.

This time a dead rose?

Sometimes I cringe.

“What the hell can I write about that?“

She drew a blank.

OK… so I know now… just leave it alone… eventually I’ll be inspired…

…but only if I really leave it alone! It doesn’t work if I ‘pretend’! She laughed at herself,

remembering the times she’d done this. Well I’m human.

They say meditate on a flower…

“I wonder what happens when I meditate on a dead flower?….”

“…Oh my goodness… it’s not dead! Such Beauty! Such Joy!”

She basked in appreciate of another challenging opportunity.

Friday Fictioneers

Snow Story – Friday Fictioneers 16 February 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Snow Story

“Shriek! Squeal!! Look! Mum!!”

“It’s snowed!” Sadie’s excited high pitched voice was soaked up and dampened by the effect of the snow as she danced on the spot under the porch.

“I want to be the first to make footprints!” she squealed, dashing back indoors to grab her wellies.

It rarely snowed where she lived and she’d prayed for weeks on end for a snowfall before winter disappeared again.

Unbeknownst to her, Garby loved snow too and was equally intent on investigating the white stuff.

As she opened the door, Garby came charging out, his paws christening the snow!


Friday Fictioneers