Tuesdays of Texture – Sheppies at Roost

This flock of young Sheppies (a Lancastrian word for Starlings) roosting on my roof in thick moisture-laden moody fog. Snapping the image through a window for fear of ‘startling’ them! These little beauties were such a delight I had to share them.

This week’s contribution to Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture (de monte y mar).


Day 20: The Future

Future? The word still holds a residue of unease. A programmed response I know but it is still creating a reaction.

As a child I was bombarded with the word. It seemed everything depended upon it. I on the other hand, had other ideas. I was too enthralled by the Present to be concerned with a future.

But, true to form, with persistence and punishment, I came to understand that the world around me valued it more than the Present. So I began the long and painful process of trying to shoehorn my expansive perspective of life into the limited one – the only one acceptable to all around me.

Little did I know then, that all along my perspective had been totally the ‘right’ one for me!
It has taken years to come full circle, to return to myself, but it has been a thoroughly interesting journey up to now.

As for the future ….
I shall continue to write more.
Stopping every now and then to gaze into the skies, up a tree, in the grasses, listen to the birds and ….

I need to find somewhere to live.
So I shall enjoy the searching, the plotting and the planning.
Remembering that it’s a fun journey and allowing it all to unfold, in its own way, in its own time.

But more than anything I shall remember to value myself and my perspective beyond all else.
Remembering that the opinions of others are interesting and sometimes valuable but ultimately, the only person who really knows what is right for me is me.

And the only way I know how to do that is by allowing myself to be Present in this moment, in my life right Now.

Day 19: Feature a guest

I didn’t get the opportunity to partake of Day 11. I was busy with the joys of moving house. But I would like to share one of my favourite blog posts with you.


What struck me initially was the energy that jumped out at me when I opened it the first time. One of quiet. Centredness. Very Zen. A joy to connect.

Some of the images are delightful but most of all are the poignant quotations. There are so many quotations out there these days but most of the ones on Aditix are in line with my own perspective and it is a joy to discover someone else out there with a similar outlook.

In Appreciation, Aditix.

Day 18: A map as your muse

St Kilda
Oh my dearest St Kilda
I don’t know why
You draw me
You lure me
To visit your shores
To sit in your stillness
As those gone before
And breathe in your beauty
And link into the life
That not long ago thrived

But to reach you
I have
To endure many hours
Of pounding the Mighty
Atlantic waves
A feat that I cannot
Just quite yet endure
But one day
Yes one day
I’ll journey to you
Of that I am sure!

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