Resolved – Never

Some years ago I resolved never to make any more New Year’s Resolutions and guess what? I haven’t!
And I have felt so much better for it.



Thank You and a Happy New Year

The English Lake District
                                                          The English Lake District

When I finally took the plunge and began blogging I could not have envisaged how much joy all the posts written and read would have brought me and how much they have expanded my world.

So I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, valued followers and single visitors, who have taken the time to look, read and/or comment on my contributions and to wish you all a happy, healthy and abundant 2016.

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Day 6: Fallacy

The Accepted Fallacy

It’s all lies
You know
What they tell us.
It’s all lies
You may know
What we tell ourselves.
Trained by society
To perform.
Trained by the self
To fit in.
Who am I?
The mind is still searching!
Who I am?
My inner me knows….
…Sits back and watches in silence
Til I’m ready to change my own rules.