The Quest – Friday Fictioneers 27 April 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

The Quest

It’s crazy the things you have to do today. Our weather patterns are changing; it’s
either erratic or miserable, not very good for the morale.

Well, today is different. We’ve decided to tackle it head on and head for the hills.

With a long hike ahead needs must, if we get an early enough start we should be able
to thoroughly enjoy our destination by early afternoon.

”At last! Finally, we’re above the cloud! Sunshine!”

“Beautiful, warm, nurturing Sunshine!”

“Oh I so feel like I‘m in Heaven!”

“Such a good idea of yours.”

“Hmmm? Maybe not every weekend though!”

Friday Fictioneers


Old Habits Die Hard – Friday Fictioneers 20 April 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Old Habits Die Hard

“See that, Brierly, that’s where you’re at. Chained, trapped in the illusion of powerlessness.
So much so you think everything and everyone around you needs to change in order for you to feel safe and happy.
Well, I’ve some good news for you.
You were sold that reality by your forefathers, who were well intentioned but equally fearful.
All they had to do was take their attention from outside of themselves, to within themselves and they would’ve come to realise, that is where their power lies… within.
Try it son, what have you got to lose?!”

Friday Fictioneers

The Last Hope – Friday Fictioneers 15 April 2018
PHOTO PROMPT © Yarnspinnerr

The Last Hope

“This must be it.”
“Can’t be… the place is crawling!”
“Well, we’ve hobbled back and forth… it’s the only place matching the description.”
“God! Why did we ever come here?”
“An act of pure stupidity!”
“Desperation more like!”
“What choice did we have?”
Finding a doorway we cautiously entered the dilapidated building.
The smell of incense greeted us.
A glow emanated from a side room and a feeling of optimism coursed through me.
As we edged inside… he met our gaze… warmth and love poured from his eyes.
My friend turned to me…
“Worth the journey?”
“Yes,” I beamed.

Friday Fictioneers