Happy Place – Within and Without

Happy Place Without for me is always in nature but especially by the sea.
These days I seem to be in a
Happy Place Within more of the time almost anywhere.
The peaks and troughs of life which once resembled the Andes
now barely undulate, have resulted in a deeper sense of contentment.
Some days have their moments though,
but I know that if I head to the nearest shore
I’ll feel so much better the moment the decision has been made to go
and better still as I get closer and closer to the sea.


Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Ode to The Island

Oh island now I’ve left you
I can look back and reminisce
On hours of fun and sun and
Cold wet weather I won’t miss.

You kept me captive for too long
You drained me to my core
Your hidden bars, almost too strong
Escape plans such a chore.

But now I’m liberated!
Freedom running through my veins
My life breath reunited
On horizon new terrains.