Play with Light – River Ribble Moods

There has been so little opportunity to play with light even the shades of grey lack depth at the moment.

So I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through my collection to find some images that I feel are a nice expression of changing light but are of the same view.

All taken on different days of the river Ribble at Preston in Lancashire viewed looking westwards towards the sea.

Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Today’s challenge was more difficult than it initially appeared. I thought about a nice sunset but that seemed a bit obvious. Then of course, it would have to be an archive as we haven’t seen hide nor hair of that elusive orange round warm thing for what seems like weeks.

Today, capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source. And if the sun is nowhere to be found, don’t worry! You can interpret warmth in a different way.

Even some sunsets don’t necessarily convey warmth. And shots taken on a warm summer’s day don’t always look warm either. There is generally a lot of blue, green and even grey in a lot of the shots I’ve taken even when they are bright and cheerie.

This image of Kitty was taken at the end of the day, she was enjoying the last rays of the setting sun, its beautiful orange glow reflected in her furry coat.

Day 6: Connect & Tags – The Art of Pylonics

Connect – to link, to join, unite, I thought about these and more.

We connect visibly and invisibly.

Sometimes we are aware of it.

Sometimes we are totally unconnected to the realisation that we cannot not be connected.

For if there is no connection, there is no flow.

If there is no flow, there is no movement.

If there is no movement, there is no expansion.

If there is no expansion, there is no thing.

Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

I love company, but equally I relish solitude. A space that I share with space itself.

I am most at home in nature but I always gravitate toward the sea.

Every beach has its own voice, its own song and I relish investigating a new beach or the same beach on a different day, wondering just how I am going to experience it and what I am going to hear that day.

Day Four: Bliss & Captions

Sunset Over the Rooftops
Sunset Over the Rooftops

I can think of many things that conjure up the feeling of bliss and it has taken me ages to plough through them!

But one stands out slightly more above the rest. Sunsets, and especially by the sea.

No matter where I am, when the sun begins to set I will do my best to stop what I am doing and indulge in the moment.

Photo101 Day Three: Water & Orientation

I think this works really well in landscape as it accentuates the expanse of the beach which is Crosby, near Liverpool in England.

There are 100 of the life size figures dotted about the beach and out into the sea. Each sculpture was made of cast iron by the British sculptor Sir Anthony Gormley. He called it ‘Another Place’.

It is really striking at the end of the day the way the light falls on the water and the images look very real. I love the living couple walking amongst them. It wasn’t planned, but I really like the contrast.