Essence of Life – Friday Fictioneers 2 February 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Essence of Life

It’s autumn, the smell of wood smoke permeates the air. Oh how I love this time of year.

The tail end of the earth’s energy feels like a rush, a speeding up. The urgency to prepare for winter courses through my veins.

Excitement is building.

We have bottled fruit, tinctured herbs, gathered nuts, frozen vegetables and buried the tubers, away from harsh frosts and hungry foragers.

Now the last of the chores is almost complete.

Chop wood.

This year we have had to say goodbye to our ancient apple tree.

I shall cherish your essence as you keep me warm.

Friday Fictioneers


14 thoughts on “Essence of Life – Friday Fictioneers 2 February 2018”

  1. This is an interesting story. I find myself curious to know more about the world where this is happening, why they have to cut down their apple tree and if they’re going to make it much longer. It seems to be pointing toward some future where we’ve used up everything and now we have no choice but to use the little we have left that could help us long term. Interesting. Good job.


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