The Web of Life – Friday Fictioneers 12 January 2018
PHOTO PROMPT © Victor and Sarah Potter

The web of Life

“Wow, spy that web. Beautiful.”

    “We’re all connected you know…”
    “…It’s impossible for us not to be…”
    “…We just think we’re not connected.”

“What makes you think that?”

    “I sense it.”

“Right? That’s a great help!”

    “Just because we don’t visually see anything in the space between objects doesn’t mean it’s empty.”
    “Take wi-fi for instance, you cannot see the waves transmitting, but you know they exist because your portable devices wouldn’t work without them.”
    “Well, we’re the same. Portable antennae, each emitting our own frequencies.

“Creating our web, each of us the centre of our own world?”

    “Yes, exactly.”

Friday Fictioneers


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