Value – Friday Fictioneers, 4 November 2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Ann Hall for this week’s Friday Fictioneers


Firmly, she held my hand leading me into the study.

The tension, blatantly tangible.

A lump manifest in my throat… my heart quickened.

With contrived aplomb, she waved me forward, as if addressing royalty.

“There they are!”

Oh dear… they… are… ugly.

Spotlight on me, I swallowed discreetly.

She waited… underlying tension lay between us…projecting her desired response.

Knowing lying contorts my insides, meekly, I offered…

“Thought you said you’d only bought a few.”

Wrong answer!

Her face dropped to a sullen sag.

“I thought you’d like them!” she spat.

“But they’re yours.”

“It only matters that you like them!”

Friday Fictioneers


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