Writing 101 Day 1 – Why do I write?

I pondered the question for a while as I couldn’t immediately connect with an answer. All the while having thoughts that I have a vague idea that I must have written about this in the past, but am still no wiser, really, as to why I write.

So I went in search, to find out if I had broached the subject before and was curious to know, if I had, how had I perceived the question then?

I did find it!


Now that’s interesting. That is who I was then.

Since then, I have completed, actually completed a full course. No missed days! With poetry, which I hasten to add I simply loved (apart from the moments I wondered why I was striving so much to have a go at some definition of verse I had never heard of let alone try to emulate!) and hadn’t really written anything of that ilk for many years.

So, why do I write? I enjoy it, thoroughly enjoy it, when I finally make the decision to be present in this moment and just do it.
I suppose it is a way of just being in the moment. I am nowhere else. I am here, now and I have no desire to be anywhere else. My focus is no longer scattered about the place or rattling about in my over analytical mind. It just very easily settles in a happy groove and there it is content to stay, at least for a wee while.

I have noticed that over time and practice, it is becoming easier to slide into that groove. In the beginning I seemed only happy to be in it for a short period of time, how long I have no idea in quantifiable time. But sitting here now, writing this I am now noticing that that length of time I am happy to flow in the groove has become more elongated and consequently I have written some longer pieces.

Ultimately, if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it and it is becoming a fun journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self appreciation.
And I am loving it!


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