Day 17: Mine your own material

Ah leaving things behind!

This is such an emotive topic for me in many ways but one which is so prevalent just now is my house move.

Well, I have moved out of my house/home and put my possessions in storage because I have not yet found another home to move into just yet.

The last time I had a big move was almost 10 years ago. I’ve had lots of mini moves, living out of boxes and suitcases within that 10 year period but a big upheaval that tugs at the heart strings, no. This is the first in 10 years.

The last one was a massive shift. My son was leaving home and my dad was dying. I knew I needed to be with my dad who lived a day’s drive away and didn’t want to be too far from reaching my son who was two days drive away. So a move was a must.

I left everything bar the bare essentials behind. I had no idea how long my father would live but his condition was terminal this time and I had a deep knowing that he was going to leave us.

My attitude at the time was one of urgency. I had to move and I had to move fast.
I gave up my business and other commitments. Said adios to my friends and colleagues.

Put my house on the market and headed south.

My thoughts at the time were so positive. You only get one chance to be with a cherished person when they are dying. When they are gone, they are gone. Forever. You can get your life back later.

Ten years later, I am just getting my life back.

I had three months with my dad before he died. I have no regrets; it was a wonderful experience I shall cherish until the end of my time.

Getting my life back was a much bigger ordeal!


10 thoughts on “Day 17: Mine your own material”

  1. Hmm! Deep thoughts. I really agree that we should be with are cherished ones when they are moving on (where this is possible) because it is forever. However, I think we should strive to be appreciative of our loved ones all the time, because we never know how much time we have. Lovely post 🙂


  2. Leaving without knowing where to go is a horrible feeling, but sometimes situations wont leave any other solutions. I really hope that you are doing fine. It is good to hear that you are actually starting to get a life back. Some people probably never get to this point, and putting it behind everything else. Thanks for the post!


    1. Thank you for commenting. I’ve learned so much about myself over the last 10 years, its been a real eye opener! I feel very priviledged to have experienced what I have up to now. And thank you for your kind thoughts, I am doing great!

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  3. Oh this is so heart felt. I can imagine you as if I am your friend and you’re telling me this. 🙂

    This tugs my heart the most, “ou only get one chance to be with a cherished person when they are dying.”

    This is on-point! 🙂


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