Writing 101 Day 1 – I write because…

Why do I write? ……………
Well, that’s the thing … I don’t!
But I feel a great urge to.
So much so that when I actually sit down to write, there are so many topics, ideas, things I feel need to be said that it all feels so overwhelming that I ‘put it off for another day’!
I have barely written anything, apart from the odd line or two to accompany an image, since the last Writing 101. I am hoping that this time, I can develop a regular practice and create some structure that will help me unlock the torrent in a gentle meandering way.
I am ready and willing to give it go!

18 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 1 – I write because…”

  1. writing 101 definitely inspires you to write often and lots – good luck on your blogging journey! can’t wait to see the awesome ideas are waiting to be unleashed upon this blog 😉

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  2. My suggestion would be to keep judgement aside on a table or a chair.

    Just keep scribbling your heart out and forget everything.

    Best Wishes,

    Anand 🙂

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  3. Hi there, I can definitely empathize with the issue of having so much to write about that you end up not writing. I already have a number of issues I am thinking of writing about and it’s only been a day since the writing101 course started. I hope I can keep it up like you. Good luck.


  4. After many years of writing & writing as full (fool) time journalist I realized a challenge between words and the writer. There may be a vast number of facts/ideas/feelings and a limited amount of words to be expressed. And… the opposite, there may be only one two facts/ideas etc and you are supposed to write a whole book in 15 chapters.
    Believe me the caption (up to 50 words) you write accompanying your photos is the most difficult engagement, trying to connect the right words to the theme.
    Enjoy whatever you write


    1. Your feedback is most welcome and very much appreciated. I do enjoy what I write and feel unable to string more than a sentence together if I am not enjoying it! Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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