A Rare and Beautiful Sunset

Since last November, the North West of Scotland has had the worst weather in history. Having experienced probably the longest winter on record with wall to wall grey for nine months, it was an absolutely euphoric experience to enjoy a day of warm temperatures, dry weather and a spectacular sunset.

Makes you really appreciate being alive.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”


7 thoughts on “A Rare and Beautiful Sunset”

  1. That is a lovely photo. In West Michigan Winter is long and mostly gray. We do get snow, lots of snow tucked up here against the great fresh water inland sea, Lake Michigan. Often the only time we see the sun is when she peeps under the ever present gray for a few moments before she slips over the horizon. It can be…difficult. There is a constant longing for light. I imagine it would be the same for you.


    1. Thanks. We’ve never had such continuous grey weather and we rarely get snow, which I always think cheers the place up with its brightness. Summer has been non existent this year and I am just hoping it is one of nature’s glitches. Could be along winter thought. I never really bothered about Scotland’s longer winters (compared to England) as we used to get some fabulous weather from spring through to autumn but it looks like its missed us out this year!


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