Day 6: Connect & Tags – The Art of Pylonics

Connect – to link, to join, unite, I thought about these and more.

We connect visibly and invisibly.

Sometimes we are aware of it.

Sometimes we are totally unconnected to the realisation that we cannot not be connected.

For if there is no connection, there is no flow.

If there is no flow, there is no movement.

If there is no movement, there is no expansion.

If there is no expansion, there is no thing.


5 thoughts on “Day 6: Connect & Tags – The Art of Pylonics”

  1. Apologies for the very late pingback. I tried (and frankly failed) to participate in June’s Photo101 and also Blogging 101. however, i made a post that I’m sooner and/or later updating, originally only containing post title and link to your blog post here – because I love pylon photos and other weird aesthetic taste acccording to many people and I REALLY enjoyed seeing the pic and reading your post. I was ill and it gave me more pleasure than a get well card might have! so you may get a belated pingback, hope you don’t mind đŸ™‚ cheers


    1. Many thanks Colette B, I really appreciate your taking the time to give me your feedback and am delighted you enjoyed the post.
      I can really empathise with your weird aesthetic taste and I am a sucker for pylons for some reason.
      I wish you a heartfelt speedy recovery and look forward to seeing some of your images a later date.
      Many blessings.

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