Flowing into My Summer Season

I am a very seasonal person. I love to flow with each season. And sleep patterns are part of it.

Although it does sometimes take a little getting used to the change of each seasonal shift. The old dormouse mentality can take most of spring to wear off. Once I have accepted it though, I can full embrace it. Bit like life in general really. But then that’s what nature is – a reflection, a reminder of life’s ever changing flow.

We are now coming into summer, but for me, I am still in the spring adjustment period. Torn between going to bed early and missing the daylight nights so I can get up early or going to bed late and risking over-sleeping and missing the freshest part of the day.

Feeling less tired in the summer, I usually plump for less sleep. I seem to be built for an energetic existence in the summer months, sleeping sufficiently to replenish the body.

When my son was at school, I would manage my summer days by going to bed really late and getting up very early. I’d catch up on some sleep by dozing during the day for an hour or so laid amongst the long grasses in the garden.

I would indulge in the sounds of the bees moving from flower to flower, the birds singing happily overhead with the odd crow flying by noticed only by the sound of its wings moving through the air. I would lose myself in the haunting sounds the wind makes as it sweeps through the grasses, the vast array of smells on the breeze and I would drink in the movement of the air currents as they gently caressed me into a blissful sleep. It really was heaven on earth.
In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”


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