Writing 101 DAY 17 – Your Personality on the Page – Fear. Fear! Fear?

Today’s Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s Twist: Write this post in a style distinct from your own.

Fear. Fear. What’s fear?

A part of me hasn’t a clue what you’re prattling on about.

I don’t feel fear. I am. I am being. Just being. There is no place for fear. That is something outside of me. Something I could touch if I chose to stop just being. Why would I want to do that?

They say Fear stand for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. I’ll vote for that one.

Fear. Fear. Ah Fear. Geee. I cringe just thinking about it. In fact I can feel my self running already. Can you see the dust? Cough, cough, man, I can. Wheeze, really feel the dust! There’s lots of things I fear. But if I sit and contemplate it … and my, does it hurt to contemplate it…

… the beads of sweat are building on my brow, on the skin under my nose, my breath is quickening and there is a tension in my chest and it is beginning to raise my shoulders up, up towards my ears.

Where was I? Ah, contemplate fear… I shudder……. Long pause as I notice my breathing, I am now allowing myself to feel this, it is helping me relax…

More than anything else I fear fear itself.

When I do not think about fear I can cope with most things. But the instant my mind notices that gripping feeling, permeating deep into my emotions, engulfing my whole being, that part of me that instantly wants to know what I am dealing with quickly labels it ‘fear’. Then… It grips me like a vice. Shrinking my being into a state of frozen inertia. The only part of me capable of anything akin to movement is my breath and the blood coursing through my veins.. I don’t notice – I have disappeared into my head. I am too busy solution hunting. Desperate for a way out. The thoughts speed up. Its like I suddenly have to move at warp velocity examining every file and folder every record of every event and its outcome in existence for an instant fix. Pleeaase … just get me out of here!

Out of where?

You’re the one that needs to move. Stop reaching out for a solution.

Its not out there. It never was.

Ahh, now I understand. I have a choice. I really do have a choice.

Aahhh. I can feel the shoulders lowering very gently now, as if they had been pumped up with air and the valve has just begun to leak. My breath is quietening. A sense of peace is engulfing me. I can feel ripples of soft tingling running over me and through me all at the same time.

Yes.      I am.      Being.

What was the question?


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